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You decided to do some washing and …

• You certainly had a backache when bent down or stretched for
  the washing powder pack, which is never close at hand. It can be
  in the lower cabinet, in the upper cabinet, or in the corner,
  or underfoot…Year by year the backache is more persistent.

• Some laundry detergent fell on Your hand when You picked it from
  the pack and Your skin turned red – this is an allergic reaction to
  chemical substances, contained in each washing detergent. You
  know that it could be the first symptom of severe systemic skin
  disease. So, You’re trying to avoid the contact with detergent, still
  it happens from time to time, and the reaction happens again and
  again …
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• You opened the washing powder pack and a strong scent came
  out. But … anyway You snoozed, coughed or You’ve got a tickle in
  Your throat, caused by the "freshness" of the smell – this is
  another allergic reaction to aromatic supplements,
  contained in the washing powder.
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• It could also happen that when You opened the washing powder
  pack You felt an eye irritation – this is also an allergic reaction
  to chemicals, contained in each detergent.
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These problems can cause serious consequences.
In addition to these problems, there are some details that always get on Your nerves …

• You took the laundry detergent from the pack and accidentally
  scattered it – and this is a frequent situation …

• You brush against the pack, it fell and the powder spilled
  on the floor.

• You have to hide the washing powder from Your kids so it wouldn’t
  fell into their delicate hands. Or even worse, the child may try
  to taste it …

• You always try to pick the necessary amount, but You always fail
  on Your first try, and again You have to scoop out more
  or to poor the powder back in the pack.
  Many people prefer to solve the problem by picking more washing
  powder, falsely assuming that the laundry would be cleaner ...
  Besides the useless consumption of washing powder, and,
  accordingly, the useless money spending, it can also be the
  cause of Your laundry washer breakdown.
  You may ask an expert friend and he will confirm it …

There are some other minor details getting under Your skin, that You always confront with when You decide to do a wash and You have to pick the detergent from the pack, but we won’t weary You with listing these problems, since You already acquainted with them.

It will be better to offer You an easy problem solution…
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